Not everyone can buy a new truck. In fact, not everyone wants to buy a new truck. If you’re one of those people looking for a great deal on a used Chevy Silverado, you might want to know these tips.

Mileage is king

Looking for used trucks to buy doesn’t mean you want one that’s already been driven almost to death. Naturally, you’ll expect mileage on any used car. More so for trucks, which are meant to travel longer distances. But it’s one thing to get a truck with 50,000 miles on it, and another to get one with 300,000 miles on it. Or one that’s been driven so much that the mileage meter has almost reset back to zero.

Naturally, the truck can look good. It might even feel good as you drive it. But the more miles it has on it, the more likely it is to fail – and you don’t want your truck to fail just a month after buying it, or do you now? In fact, you don’t want it to fail ever, at all, but some things are inevitable.

… Although, if you know of a way to have a car to never, ever fail that doesn’t cost a fortune, let us know. We’ll write an article about it and get rich. Meanwhile, those of you who don’t know this secret, check the mileage. If the mileage smells bad, walk away. Better safe than sorry.

Engine, engine, engine…

A used Chevy Silverado might show only 10k miles on its mileage meter. But if the engine is completely blown, then either that mileage meter has been reset (which is illegal, by the way,) or the truck has been treated very roughly by its owner.

Regardless of whether its owner is a criminal or not, you simply don’t want to buy a truck whose engine is all rusty and looking like it’s ready to fall apart. So just don’t. If the insides look bad, stay well away.

Check the rest, too

The engine might look good. In fact, things might be great and shiny under the hood, making the truck look like new even.

You know what can hide even more secrets? The underside of that truck. So get dirty and check. Signs of leaks, for example, either current or recent. Check the transmission. The wheels. You can even go as far and check the body.

See any signs of rust around on a truck that’s supposedly only been used very little, for quick family gatherings? Either the seller lied, or those quick family gatherings took place on a swamp. Either way, just run away.

Check the model’s track record

The truck you’re being offered might look right. In fact, it might be right – very light use, only inside the city as a grocery getter, no accidents or major repairs, excellent maintenance record… oh, by the way, the model tends to blow the rear tires, dumping its occupants to death.

Wait, what?

Exactly. Most sellers won’t discuss model-related issues, because it’s understood you know them – or because discussing them might lead them to, you know, not selling the truck. Sometimes, these sellers might not even be aware their truck is unsafe or has been recalled.
You’re the one buying it now, so it’s your responsibility to do your homework well. A truck might have been very well taken care of, but all the care in the world won’t fix a model-related issue.

There are many used trucks that you can buy and still enjoy good value for the money spent. Apart from the models mentioned above, a used Silverado 1500 might also be a good buy if you get one that ticks the checklist provided. Just be sure to get a truck that meets your needs and is within your budget.