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Siig RS-232 Serial to Bluetooth Adapter ID-SB0111-S1
by     1 Retailer ($70)
Siig ID-SB0111-S1 RS-232 Serial to Bluetooth Adapter
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$70.00 from Walmart.com
Hella 008768127 Flasher Unit 12v21w2+1+1(8)epp 6pin Case
by     1 Retailer ($59)
Hella 008768127 Flasher Unit 12v21w2+1+1(8)epp 6pin Case Hella 008768127 Flasher Unit 12v21w2+1+1(8)epp 6pin Case
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$59.00 from Autoplicity
Waves X-Hum Plug-in (X-Hum Plug-in) Processor
by     1 Retailer ($299)
Software & Plug-ins - Ever finished recording an awesome track only to notice that there is a hum that's killing the vibe? Using the Waves X-Hum plug-in,
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$299.00 from Sweetwater
Vantec UGT-PCE2S1P 2 Serial and 1 Parallel PCIe Host Card, Silver
by     1 Retailer ($25)
Vantec UGT-PCE2S1P 2 Serial and 1 Parallel PCIe Host Card:Supports 2 x UART serial portsBuilt-in 16C450/550 compatible UARTData transfer rate up to 230,400BpsParallel
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$25.00 from Walmart.com
SIIG Controller Card JU-P20912-S1 2-Port USB 3.1 PCI-Express Adapter Card Retail
by     1 Retailer ($33)
SIIG’s USB 3.1 2-Port PCIe Host Adapter - Type-A enables you to enhance your desktop computer with the latest USB 3.1 technology, delivering up to 10Gb/s
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$33.00 from Walmart.com
Facevsion 1VD2ZZZ0ST1-1 FV Express Combo (Double Pack)
by     1 Retailer ($39)
Vsion FVexpress Combo empowers your PC to deliver best-in-market high definition 720p 30fps video communications experience at substantially low bit rate
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StarTech 2-Port 1394a PCI Express FireWire Card
by     1 Retailer ($26)
The PEX1394A2V 2-Port PCI Express FireWire Card lets you add two native FireWire 400 ports to your desktop PC, allowing you to connect IEEE 1394A FireWire
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$26.00 from Walmart.com
StarTech.com PEXUSB4DP Serial Adapter
by     3 Retailers ($44.95)
The PEXUSB4DP is a low profile 4 ports USB card designed for versatility and performance. Providing simple system expansion for added peripheral connections,
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$44.95 from
$112.38 from
$101.14 from
StarTech.com 4-Port USB 3.0 Type C Hub
by     1 Retailer ($27)
The four-port USB 3.1 Gen 1 hub lets you connect both USB-C and USB-A peripherals to your laptop or Chromebook, through a single USB Type-C port.
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$27.00 from Walmart.com
Mediasonic HP1-U34F 4-Port USB 3.0 PCI Express Card
by     1 Retailer ($20)
Mediasonic 4-Port External USB 3.0 ExpressCard can expand your PC with more available connector types. The transfer rate is up to 5Gbps and supports PCI
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$20.00 from Walmart.com
Tripp Lite Keyspan High-Speed
StarTech.com 1-Port USB to
Plugable USB to RS-232 DB9
Tera Grand - Premium USB
GearMo USB RS-232 Serial
Tripp Lite 5ft USB to Serial
IOGEAR USB 2.0 to Serial
Sabrent USB 2.0 to Serial
USB to DB9, Ugreen USB 2.0
Sabrent USB 2.0 to Serial
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