One of the brands of smartphones that are most consistently praised and sought after is Samsung. Having given up on coding an in-house operating system and openly embracing Google’s Android, Samsung smartphones are the most sought-after Android smartphones out there. The reason for this is dual- Samsung is considered a quality manufacturer and also, they offer phones for all levels, from basic, inexpensive ones to downright luxurious models.

However, in most cases Samsung devices are expensive. Not as expensive as Apple’s – since nothing is ever as expensive as Apple’s, – yet still expensive enough that many would rather wait until there’s a good deal to go for them. If you’re looking for these deals, sometimes knowing a trick or two might help.

The following tips will work for any smartphones in truth, although you should be aware that if you just want the latest, it’ll still come at a price. You just can’t buy a new-gen phone released a month ago at 50% off without some caveats.

Check manufacturer deals

Samsung is known for its highly competitive MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) and even at that, the company is still able to turn in a yearly profit.

Now, Samsung won’t regularly sell phones under its MSRP because doing so would likely lead stores to stop carrying its phones citing unfair competition. But instead of that, it can bundle items.

Recently, for example, Samsung offered a free year of Spotify if you bought a Galaxy S10, effectively dropping the price if you planned on signing up to the service. These kinds of deals can also come from other retailers but always check Samsung first.

Look into carrier plans

Most people who use next-gen smartphones around aren’t actually rich. Over the last decade, carriers around the US and UK have taken to offering Galaxy S10e at ridiculously low prices, sometimes at over a 50% discount as long as you sign a long-form contract with them, often more than a year.

Now, this might seem a bad deal if you don’t like the particular carrier. But otherwise, well, you weren’t going to buy a smartphone without a phone line, or were you? And, since this is 2019 and all, I guess it’s fair to expect you would try and make that line active as long as you have a phone.

Which means you were going to get a phone line and keep a contract anyway. Now, of course, you need to make sure the contract is the kind of contract you’d get anyway, or at best, just a little bit more expensive. But still, this is a great way of procuring the newest phones at crazy prices.

Trade-ins can help

This is a common method of obtaining newer items at relatively low prices, while also getting rid of your older items you won’t use anymore.

While not all stores accept trade-ins, Samsung, and many smartphone manufacturers are open to this. And so do other retailers – Amazon is particularly known for taking trade-ins, although to be fair, Amazon’s rates are often terrible.

Still, the idea stands: If you have an older Samsung phone you could do a trade-in for the newer model, who knows-Samsung might be running a promotion on it. And this isn’t just wishful thinking either – Samsung did recently lower the Galaxy S10 Plus prices for customers using trade-ins in up to $550.

As mentioned before, getting a new, top-of-the-line phone like Galaxy Note 9 for cheap without caveats is basically impossible. All the methods here listed have small prints to them, setting terms and conditions you must abide by.

However, if you can fulfill your end of the deal without making a big sacrifice, often you’ll end up feeling as if your latest phone was almost free since you’ll be getting it in exchange for something you were going to do anyway.

And if you can’t find a deal even doing these things, then perhaps it’s time to keep an eye on Woot… or Craigslist.