In front of every great music producer, coder, web designer, video editor, and blogger there is a laptop enabling them to achieve greatness! Laptops help us to get on with our hobbies, livelihoods and our lives in general. But the path to a great laptop that is easy to use and designed to help you does not always run smooth. If you’re not careful you can end up with a laptop that causes you more trouble than it’s worth (and it was worth a lot!). So, before you jump into the merciless battlefield of laptop shopping you have to be well-equipped with a few tools to help you leverage the best deals.

That’s where we come in. 19-inch laptops, touchscreen laptops or heavy-duty laptops. Whatever you may need, these tips will help you with them all!

Know what you need

Models of laptops are like snowflakes. They are all very, very different creatures for different purchases. You can’t expect to get the best out of your laptop if you go into the store, pick one blindly and expect it to be able to enable you to edit together a feature-length film. If that is indeed what you need to do, you need to do a little bit of research. You need to find out how much memory is needed to facilitate that sort of project.

If you need a laptop in order to watch your favorite programs on Netflix and Hulu, what you need to focus on is the size and resolution of the screen. A 17-inch laptop may not be big enough for you to enjoy your favorite show to its fullest extent. Researching into what makes a good screen is your first task. This will enable you to find a machine that will transport you to the world of that show you love to watch so much.

Look for deals

Getting the best and newest model of laptop will set you back a great deal of money. It is never a decision that should be taken lightly. But just because it’s the best on the market, doesn’t mean that it’s completely out of your reach. Laptop deals are common in the technology market, as they enable manufacturers and distributors to get the most out of the stock that they have. It doesn’t take long to scan the internet for deals on the sort of laptops you are looking for, and you stand to save a lot of money if you do so.

Warranties are important

You could have just purchased the best laptop in the whole universe, it could be made of solid gold and write symphonies infinitely. If you drop it and it gets damaged, what are you going to do about it? If you don’t invest in a warranty for what you’ve bought, you are not going to be doing much about it at all. The idea of paying a bit extra to save money if the worst was to happen may seem unattractive at the time of buying. But trust me, if the version of you that just smashed their laptop could speak to the version of you 4 days ago who skimped on a warranty fee, I think they’d a few pretty stern words to say. The best deal is one where there is a safety net!

2 birds with 1 stone

Imagine this, you need a laptop to design logos and draw plans on, but also a laptop to relax in bed and watch a movie on without the hassle of a large device. What you are looking for is a 2-in-1 laptop. These sorts of laptops double up to be both a tablet and a laptop. This allows you to get the best of both of these types of devices.

Multi-faceted machines like this often offer the best deal around, as you are alleviating two or three of your needs in just one purchase.