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Godin A5 Ultra - 5 string Natural Fretted Guitar
by     1 Retailer ($1295)
Bass Guitars - With your Godin A5 Ultra semi-acoustic bass guitar in hand, you've got a lot more than just rich, organic bass tones under your fingers.
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$1,295.00 from Sweetwater
Marshall 1974X 18 watt Guitar Amp
by Marshall    3 Retailers ($2699.99)
The Handwired 1974X is wired to blast your senses. This Marshall amplifier is a reissue of the famous 1974 Combo of the '70s and much like its inspiration,
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$2,699.99 from
$6,749.98 from
$6,074.98 from
Boss ME-80 Multi-Effects Guitar Effect Pedal
by Boss    3 Retailers ($299.00)
A great device to enhance the sounds produced on a guitar, the Boss ME-80 comes loaded with multiple features. This floor-based pedal comes with convenient
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$299.00 from
$747.50 from
$672.75 from
Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom Plus EX Electric Guitar, Midnight Sapphire
by Epiphone    3 Retailers ($749.00)
The Prophecy Les Paul Custom Plus EX Outfit brings back the axe loved by metal shredders around the world. And now, along with EMG humbuckers, the EX Outfit
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$749.00 from
$1,872.50 from
$1,685.25 from
Kemper Profiler Head - Black (Profiler Head, Blk) Guitar Amp
by     1 Retailer ($1980)
Guitar Amps - Using the Kemper Profiling Amplifier, you can create a profile of your very own amplifiers (or whatever you can get your hands on) and store
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$1,980.00 from Sweetwater
Roland CUBE Street 5 watt Guitar Amp
by Roland    3 Retailers ($299.00)
Carry the portable Cube Street guitar amp combo if you are a musician who is always on-the-go. This Roland guitar amp combo is capable of producing high-volume
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$299.00 from
$747.50 from
$672.75 from
Line 6 Spider Jam 75 watt Guitar Amp
by Line 6    3 Retailers ($399.99)
Get the world of rockstars at your fingertips with the Spider Jam guitar amp. Take your jamming to new heights with nearly hundreds of coveted guitar sounds
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$399.99 from
$999.98 from
$899.98 from
Gibson Guitar Gibson EXplorer X Factor Series Guitar with Case (GIBDSXREB)
by Gibson Guitar    3 Retailers ($1299.00)
Gibson Explorer EB, electric guitar - mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, 1x 496 R(Neck) & 1x 500 T(Bridge) humbuckers, 22 jumbo frets, white
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$1,299.00 from
$3,247.50 from
$2,922.75 from
Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar (ETCAVSCH)
by Vintage    3 Retailers ($599.00)
The Epiphone Casino Arch Top Guitar features two P90 pickups and chrome hardware. The scale is 24.75 inches and the nut width is 1.68 inches. It has a
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$599.00 from
$1,497.50 from
$1,347.75 from
Jackson Guitars Jackson RR1 Randy Rhoads USA BK (2803060803)
by Jackson Guitars    3 Retailers ($2699.99)
This USA-made Jackson Rhoads has a fast-playing neck with a compound (12-inch to 16-inch) fingerboard radius and mother of pearl Shark Fin position inlays.
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$2,699.99 from
$6,749.98 from
$6,074.98 from
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